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Equipment for Hire


Getting You Back on the Road

You’ve got a packed calendar, your machine has been working overtime and today’s schedule is shaping up to be exactly the same with jobs running back to back. But then, part way through your first job, the machine breaks down. Seems these things almost always happen when you’re busy… So what now?

We’ve seen it before. Customers ring in a mad panic to book their equipment in for immediate repair. Most of the time, we can accommodate because at Pressure Pro we understand that our success hinges on our quality and timely service. At times however, the repair may take several hours or in some instances parts are temporarily unavailable.

While we are of course always happy for you to wait in our showroom, have a coffee on us and catch up on paperwork or reading, you have customers waiting for you. We get it – time is money. This is why we have invested in machines that are available for hire.  We get you back on the road in no time, back to finish the morning’s first job and onwards with the rest of your day – almost as planned. You see, at Pressure Pro, we not only care for your equipment, we care about your business.

Second Hand Cleaning Equipment

Pre-Loved Machines

Whether you are just getting started with your commercial cleaning business, or well established but need another machine, at Pressure Pro we understand that it is not always practical or viable to invest in new equipment. This is where our trade-ins come in. We take these pre-loved machines, service them, replace parts if required and then make them available at a fraction of the cost of new.

“Our Second Hand Equipment Is Sold With Warranty”

In most instances, for peace of mind, our second hand equipment is sold with warranty.This is because we have the confidence in the equipment we sell, so you can purchase with confidence!