Demand controlled ventilation for attics

VentoVind™ Classic, designed for cold attics, is a patented system which provides optimised ventilation and thereby minimises moisture-related problems such as mould and rot.

  • Uses the outdoor air’s naturally varying moisture content to drive the drying process, to minimise moisture related problems such as mould and rot.
  • It provides energy efficient moisture reduction in cold attics by optimising the temporary ventilation demand, so that as little energy as possible is consumed.
  • Creates a controlled climate with optimised ventilation, without the supply of energy consuming heating.
  • Robust and quiet fan design for safe and trouble-free operation.
  • The system has undergone extensive field studies as well as theoretical research. They have been tested against reference attics and have been installed in a number of different attics of varying size and appearance with successful results.

Different deliveries for VentoVindTM Classic

VentoVind™ is available for the most common types of installation, but the technology is adaptable and works equally well in houses with small attics as well as large cold attic spaces of several hundred square meters.

VentoVind™ Classic Villa
Comes complete with control unit, fan and internal installation parts adapted for attics up to 100 m3.

VentoVind™ Classic Villa Large
For attic spaces up to 100-150 m3, supplied with control unit, fan and hardware.

VentoVind™ Classic Special
VentoVind can be adapted and dimensioned for large or complex installations as necessary.

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