Turbo Force Cobra Detail Tool

Turbo Force Cobra Detail Tool

$595.00 inc GST

Turbo Force Cobra Detail Tool cleans kitchen counter tops, corners, edges, bathrooms and any tough-to-reach area. Its brush handles uneven surfaces easily and lets you agitate and extract all in one motion. By changing the jet, you can go from hard-core narrow-focus grout blasting at 2,000 psi to a wider focus spray for bigger areas.



  • The ultimate hard surface detail tool
  • Cleans corners, edges and all tight spaces
  • Easy to use ergonomic design – one handed operation
  • Replaceable brush
  • Rated up to 2150psi and 200ΒΊ
  • ST-Nylon Body Construction
  • One year manufacturer’s warranty on all non-wear components
  • To work best, use with a pump rated for 1000 psi or more.
  • Great for counter tops, brick fireplace and shower walls.


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