Thermal Energy System (TES) 250,000 BTU

///Thermal Energy System (TES) 250,000 BTU

Thermal Energy System (TES) 250,000 BTU

$42,385.42 inc GST

The new 250,000 BTU TES (thermal energy system) unit can now handle five to six TEX (thermal exchange) boxes. It looks the same (slightly bigger frame) but comes with an extra TEX box, two more sections of 5/8” 50’ length hose, extra quick connect splitter, wraps, and of course the extra 50,000 BTU over the standard TES.

For the serious water restorers wanting to dry quickly.

Directed Heat Drying is the science of heating water not air. Every 5 degrees of heat rise, doubles its vapor pressure and dramatically increases evaporation.

TES is the prefect tool to raise water temperature, increasing evaporation.

This system can be used for drying carpet, cabinets, walls, floors or structural components.

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– TES 250,000 BTU Base unit with handle

– 5/8″ Red and Blue Hoses (150metres combined)

– 3/4″ red and Blue Hoses (60metres combined)

– T Assemblies

– QD Wraps

– 5 TEX Exchanger Box