Supa Gulpa – “Ridiculously Fast Flood Extraction Machine”

Supa Gulpa – “Ridiculously Fast Flood Extraction Machine”

The SteamVac SUPA GULPA is targeted head-on at flood recovery jobs. Sporting 4 vacuum motors mounted onto a 2” ported vacuum chamber which has been completely redesigned to allow maximum air flow. Highly portable, this extraction machine is also up to 18kg lighter than a typical HWE unit, due to the absence of the pump/motor assembly.

This portable accommodates a single tank, rather than the typical combination of waste and solution tanks commonly found in HWE portables. This means that the recovery capacity has been doubled. Inside the tank, a supercharged 195lpm submersible waste pump is fitted in order to be able to deal with expelling the much higher volume and rate of water recovery which this machine is capable of. In turn, the waste pump is mated to a 1.5” coupling mounted to the front wall of the machine, to which a standard 1.5” vacuum hose with a one-way valve is attached, to allow a large volume of water to be expelled (unlike standard portables fitted with a waste pump which only have a ½” or ¾” at best waste outlet). Put simply, the machine is capable of extracting and expelling an astounding 100 litres of water within 30 seconds, which is between 4 to 5 times the rates of other portables – for unparalleled performance in water recovery.

The SUPA GULPA comes to its own in large areas, be it a commercial or domestic application, where there is extensive flooding and high saturation of floor coverings. Unlike a standard submersible pump which could only be placed in situ, this portable machine can be coupled with any standard 2” or 1.5” vacuum hose and a carpet wand, water claw, or a ride-on extractor for never-seen-before rates of water displacement.



• Quad Multi-Stage 1100 Watt vac motors in conjunction with our exclusive ultra flow air manifold, resulting in superior drying times
• Heavy duty Marine Grade Fibreglass body, 10 year limited warranty
Heavy Duty aluminium sub frame
• Unique float valve shut off system for waste tank which gives you better capacity and Greater Protection for vacuum motors
• 2 wheel castor system, plus 2 pump up pneumatics for easier manoeuvrability in tight places
• New State Of The Art Italian waste pump system with quick release holder for ease of maintenance, huge 195 litres a minute performance
• A massive 1.5“ waste outlet coupled with 1.5” hose including non return valve
• This extraction machine is also up to 18kg lighter than a typical unit, due to the absence of the pump/motor assembly.
• Built in muffler system for quieter operation
• Exclusive to SV Equipment, cool air intake system for vac motors, extending vac motor life
• Rocker type illuminated switches
• Clear perspex dome
Of course, ALL 100% Australian Made


Vacuum Options: 4 x 1100 Watt 2 Stage with genuine wet seal on bearings
Waste Pump: 195 lpm submersible waste pump
Waste: 100 Lt
Wheels: 2 x Swivel Casters 2 x Pump Up Pneumatic
Length: 720mm
Width: 620mm
Height: 1100mm
Weight: 46kg


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