Sapphire Scientific Rage Truck Mount

Sapphire Scientific Rage Truck Mount

$21,197.18 inc GST

Getting started in carpet cleaning? Ready to graduate from portables to truckmount performance? Need to expand your business at a lower cost? The Rage is the right choice! Sapphire’s insistence on premium components, durable construction and the state-of-the art engineering have made us the leading truckmount manufacturer.



  • Value-priced single-wand unit with superior engineering
  • Space-saving narrow profile – at 17 inches, it’s almost half the width of nearest competitor.
  • Easy to operate
  • Covered by Sapphire’s industry-leading 2-year parts and labor warranty
  • Adjustable up to 1000 PSI for hard surface cleaning/light pressure washing.
  • Serviced by North America’s largest distributor network


Power plant 18 HP air-cooled Kohler gasoline engine operating at 3000 RPM.
Blower Tuthill 3006 dual-lobe oil lubricated blower. Vacuum at 13 in. Hg.
Chemical injection system Last-step chemical injection.
Solution pump General TX1810S17 delivering up to 1000 psi and up to 2.7 GPM at 1488 RPM. Optional solution pump clutch available (72-170C).
Waste tank 90 gal. (340 l) TIG-welded 3/16 in. marine-grade aluminum.
Frame construction MIG-welded 1/8 in. x 2 in. powder-coated steel box tubing.
Heat exchanger Single stage finned tube coil.
Vacuum port Single 2 in.
Weight Console: 520 lbs.
Waste tank: 160 lbs.
Complete kit: 858 lbs.
(W × H × D)
17 × 36 × 39 in. | 43.2 × 91 × 99 cm


 Rage Truckmount Owner’s Manual (49-057B) (Manual) 
 Rage Truckmount Owner’s Manual SN 179-237 (49-057C) (Manual) 
 Rage Truckmount Owner’s Manual SN 238-269 (49-057D) (Manual) 
 Rage Truckmount Owner’s Manual SN 270-271 (49-057E) (Manual) 
 Rage Truckmount Owner’s Manual SN 272-349 (49-057F) (Manual) 
 Rage Truckmount Owner’s Manual SN 579-622 (49-057J) (Manual) 
 Rage Truckmount Owner’s Manual SN 623+ (49-057K) (Manual) 
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