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ESSENCE – Premium Multi Task Deodoriser
Essence is a professional deodoriser formulated to handle tough odours, provide routine odour control and a fragrance boost for cleaning solutions. The Essence formulation is tough enough to handle the every day mal-odours encountered by the cleaning professional. Added to this is a pleasant, fresh fragrance which leaves the cleaned area with a lingering clean scent.

Colour PC431Tan
pH 7.5 RTU
Fragrance PC431 Powder Fresh
Safety Non-Hazardous
Pack Size 5Lt, 20Lt

Odour Neutralization – Essence eliminates mal-odours at their source by destroying the odour causing bacteria.
Fresh and Clean Scent – Essence provides the cleaner with a fragrance to boost the fresh and clean atmosphere created by the newly cleaned carpets.
Fibre Safe – Is ideal for use on all water cleanable fibres including natural fibres.
5th Generation Nylon – Meets the specifications for use on 5th generation stain resistant carpet. Ideal for use on severe mal-odours on this carpet type because quat based sanitizers damage the stain resistant treatment.
Chemical Compatibility – Essence is compatible with all PowerClean prespray and extraction detergents and is ideal for use as a fragrance additive.
• Routine Deodorization
Mix 40-80ml per 10 litre of water or ready to use cleaning solution (1:250 – 1:125)
Hydroforce 1:9 tip – add 375 – 200ml into 5Lt hydroforce container

• Fire and Flood Restoration
Mix 100-200ml per 10 litre of water (1:100 – 1:50)

Hydroforce 1:9 tip – add 450 – 900ml into 5Lt hydroforce container
• For severe odours on 5th Generation Stain Resistant carpet
Mix 20ml per 1 litre of water (1:50)


1. Apply directly onto the odour source. Allow at least 5 minutes dwell time for effective deodorisation.
2. May be used before cleaning or for residual deodorisation after cleaned has removed the odour source.
3. Rinse using standard techniques where stronger dilutions are used (Stronger than 1:100).

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