ODORx Thermo-2000™

ODORx Thermo-2000™

ODORx Thermo-2000™

A highly effective odor counteractant.

Thermo-2000 is a powerful water-based odor counteractant formulated for use in thermal foggers. Unlike solvent-based thermal fogging formulations Thermo-2000 contains only food- and cosmetic-grade ingredients. This means significantly reduced levels of volatile organic chemicals (V.O.C.s) for improved operator safety and occupant comfort. Apply with a thermal fogging device only.

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Formulation RTU
Sold in gallon cases 3.8 L bottles
Flash point >93.3°C | 200°F
Appearance Straw colored liquid
pH 5.0–7.0
Specific gravity 1.02 (8.5 lbs. per gal.)


User Guide


Thermo-2000 is designed for use with a thermal fogging device such as the Thermo-Gen VF or Electro-Gen 2000. Apply this product at rate of 0.5 to 1.5 fluid ounce per one thousand cubic feet (15 to 45 ml / 28 cubic meters) of airspace.

Application: Fog onto source of odor. See label for additional instructions.

For complete instructions and safety data for this product, refer to the Use Guide and Material Safety Data Sheet, available under the Documents tab.