Oasis Plus Ozone Generator

Oasis Plus Ozone Generator

$2,475.00 $2,100.00 inc GST

Ozone is the strongest oxidant commercially available and is a proven deodorizer. The Oasis Plus ozone generator doesn’t just cover up foul odors; it actually destroys the molecules that cause them.

  • Fire restoration; smoke elimination, removes mold, mildew  and other organic odors
  • Quickly deodorizes hotel/motel, hospital and meeting rooms
  • Excellent for freshening up cars, buses, boats and aircraft



  • Versatility Excellent for fire restoration, eliminates tobacco and other smoke  odors, removes mold, mildew, and other organic odors. Quickly deodorizes  hotel/motel, hospital, and meeting rooms and excellent for freshening-up cars, buses, boats, and aircraft.
  • Severe Applications Transformer
    will provide increased operational performance and a longer service life.
  • Tested and Proven to maintain proper activated oxygen levels.
  • Maintenance Free Corona Discharge System provides proven constant  ozone production and long service life.
  • High Ozone Output Per Hour increases performance and decreases time and labor.
  • Timer and Output Adjustments provide versatility and allows tailoring output for the application.
  • Consistent performance with No Downtime for cleaning or reduced   efficiency due to dirt or moisture build-up.
  • Large Coverage Area Effective for areas up to 40,000 cubic feet.
  • No Old Fashioned Plates or UV Tubes to clean or break.
  • Lightweight and Compact for easy transport.
  • Lifetime Warranty on Electrodes and Body, three year limited warranty  on transformer.
  • Hermetically Sealed Patented Severe Application Transformer; UL &  CSA recognized component.
  • High-density ceramic and stainless steel electrodes corona system
  • 2.65 grams/hr, 2,650 mg/hr
  • 30 hour programmable timer with adjustable ozone output levels
  • Power supply overload protection
  • Rotationally molded body with lifetime warranty
  • 8 foot 16/3 gauge cord
  • Designed to Support Twice the Zone Generation Load of a conventional  transformer.
  • Will Withstand Continuous Operation in the most demanding of  electrical and temperature environments


Timer: 30 hour programmable timer with adjustable ozone output levels
Transformer: Hermetically sealed patented severe application transformer – UL & CSA recognized component
Weight: 13 lb
Dimensions: H = 8 in x W = 7 in x L = 22 in



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