Hydro-Force SX-15 Hard Surface Tool

///Hydro-Force SX-15 Hard Surface Tool

Hydro-Force SX-15 Hard Surface Tool

$1,881.00 $1,595.00 inc GST

The SX 15 Hard Surface Cleaning Tool is designed for professional cleaners. The SX 15 makes any hard surface job a breeze. Hydroforce's Unique airflow system improves water recovery and is compatible with portables or truck mounts.

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• Tool-less design makes changing the boots a breeze! EZ-LOC™ boot uses no screws or pop rivets, simply release three locking levers to change your boot on the fly!
• Includes both a hard boot and brush ring for smooth or rough surfaces
• Industry-leading 15” cleaning path allows you to clean 25% faster than 12” models. Less time = more money.
• Radial vacuum line provides for more even removal of water and soil than competitive designs so your floor dries faster
• Deck has a self-adjusting vacuum relief to prevent annoying sticking from excess suction
• Low profile allows the unit to fit under toe kicks
• Ergonomic design: the handles are spaced shoulder-width, lightweight construction makes it feel like the machine is floating along the floor and the length is just right for both tall and short people
• Durable handle with 2” vacuum all the way to the cleaning head for better air flow and faster drying
• Easy-access inline filter makes cleaning the filter a snap. Clean filters will prevent loss of water pressure and ensure your always getting peak


Cleaning Head: Width: 15 inches
Height: 3.13” w/ Hard Boot & 3.50” w/ Brush Ring Total Height with Handle: 51 inches
Weight: 7Kgs
Shell Construction: Polycarbonate
Hard Boot: HDPE
Brush Bristles: Nylon
Handle Construction: Stainless Steel
Maximum Solution Pressure: 2500psi
Minimum Solution Pressure: 700psi


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