Hydro-Force Gekko 14″ Squeegee Head

Hydro-Force Gekko 14″ Squeegee Head

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14” Gekko Squeegee Head

The Squeegee Tool is ideal for surfaces that need high pressure cleaning and instantaneous dry times. New for the Squeegee Head are “spray guards” on the sides of the squeegee that stop water from splashing out the sides, yet still allow air to flow to prevent wand “suck down”.

The unique housing design allows the jets to screw directly into the metal head instead of the older design using a spray bar that goes across the manifold. This prevents clogs caused by string, paper and other debris, and increases air flow and performance. The elimination of excess brass components also significantly decreases maintenance expenses.

Order Wet Vacuum Tool to get a head without the jets for flood extraction.


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  • 2,000 PSI rating
  • 1.5” port
  • Two 8001 side Veejets; two 11001 center Veejets
  • Easy jet change, no special tool required


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