Gel Break Adhesive Remover

Gel Break Adhesive Remover

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Gel Break

Adhesive Remover – NEW & IMPROVED

Because Gel-Break is a gel, not a liquid, it stays on the spot instead of running down into the carpet backing. This natural citrus solvent is effective on a wide range of spots and soils. Nothing is better at getting out chewing gum! It’s the ideal solvent spotter: very effective, but safe for technicians.

Dilution Ratios: RTU     RTU pH: n/a     Contains: 1 pint


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  1. Remove loose or excess residue.
  2. Apply Gel Break Adhesive Remover full strength to the adhesive or gum. Avoid over-application.
  3. Agitate Gel Break Adhesive Remover into area with any hand held implements like GUM-GETTER or bone scraper.
    Poke into the contaminant surface to allow the Gel Break to penetrate.
  4. Allow to dwell for 3-5 minutes.
  5. Blot or scrape up excess Gel Break Adhesive Remover along with any adhesive or gum that has been loosened. Repeat steps 2-5 if necessary.
  6. Blot and rinse the area thoroughly, using extraction equipment and clean water.
  7. Mist Spot Stop on treated areas. Brush Spot Stop to both align the fibers and evenly distribute the product.


Stain Removal Guide
Safty Data Sheet