EnviroBoss 6000

EnviroBoss 6000

$110,000.00 $75,000.00 inc GST

The Trailer-Mounted System allows you to bring the powerful cooling, dehumidification and air movement capabilities of the EB6000 practically anywhere. Mounted to a rugged aluminum trailer and fitted with two lockable storage boxes, the EB6000 unit is easy to deliver to the next job. Whether it's a restoration project, a remodel or new construction site, or a hospitality event or temporary structure, the EB6000 is ready to roll to any job, large or small.

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  • EB6000 environmental control unit
  • 3500 lb GVWR capacity aluminum trailer
  • Lockable steel storage cases – pre-mounted and weatherized
  • 25-foot lengths of 18-inch Rigid Engineered Ducting
  • External Pump Kit (F390)
  • Fifteen-foot power cord. Connects EB6000 to any 230V 50 amp circuit or generator



Model F399
Weight (EB6000): 1400 lbs | 635 kg
EB6000 dimensions H × W × D: 4 × 7.5 × 3.5 ft
121.9 × 228.6 × 106.7 cm
Power: 37 amps / 230V at 80°F/60% RH
Air movement: 1800 CFM (evaporator) cooling/dehumid
3600 CFM (condensor) warm
5400 CFM (combined)
Moisture removal: 1400 pints/day at 90°F/90% RH
720 pints/day at AHAM (80°F/60% RH)
100+ pints/day at 80°F/20% RH
Cooling capacity: 5 ton / 60,000 BTU per hr / 17.58 kW
Power: Runs on a 230V 50-amp circuit or generator
Filter: 3M™ HAF Filters
Duct ring size: Standard 18 in.
Construction: Powder coated steel
Trailer: 8 × 5 ft.
3500 lb. GVWR Capacity
Electric Brakes



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