Corroventa SuperVision®

Corroventa SuperVision®

Control the drying process with your computer, smartphone or tablet

The latest innovation from Corroventa, SuperVision®, is a new type of control system and a revolutionary innovation for the industry. With SuperVision® you can remote control, monitor and measure the drying process from your computer, phone, or tablet. This means that many more tasks can be handled simultaneously without the need to spend a lot of time on the site or in the car. In addition, the drying process is terminated at exactly the right time.

SuperVision® is fully compatible with the Corroventa ES-family and the optimal solution for the drying result, the economy and the environment.


Every so often you have to visit the worksite to check if the drying process is running smoothly. When you arrive at the site, you have no idea if the dehumidifiers are turned off or on, nor if you have to modify the effect. SuperVision®is the solution. Since the drying process can be controlled remotely, you don’t have to waste precious time in your car. Less time in your car means more actual working hours somewhere else. This allows you to be efficient and more environmental friendly. Smart in every way!


SuperVision® is a smart, user-friendly system that enables you to monitor and control the drying process with your computer, smartphone or tablet. The system gives you total control of the drying process, whether you use Corroventa’s products on a daily basis or represent an insurance company. Thus, SuperVision® allows increased transparency between the client and contractor.


Corroventa offers some of the industry’s leading and most energy efficient products. Combined with SuperVision®you can reduce the energy consumption even more, and complete the drying process at exactly the right time. Thus, higher product life time expectancy and significantly lower energy cost. SuperVision® can be used with your product of choice in the Corroventa ES-family. Each set of SuperVision® can control a cell with up to 8 machines.

How does SuperVision® work?