CliniMax Instrument And Equipment Cleaner Detergent

CliniMax Instrument And Equipment Cleaner Detergent

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Non-hazardous (according to Safework Australia Criteria)
Low foaming (to allow the user to see what is happening in solution)
Bacteriostatic (prevents the growth of bacteria)
Free rinsing
Uses 100% recyclable packaging
Effective in hard and soft water
Contains a corrosion inhibitor to protect quality instruments
ARTG No: 125528

CliniMax® is a mildly alkaline, non-hazardous, multipurpose detergent for Medical and Dental applications that is specifically formulated to meet the requirements of AS/NZS 4187 – 2014 and AS/NZS 4815 – 2006. CliniMax® can be used for manual and ultrasonic instrument cleaning, equipment cleaning and also for the cleaning of environmental surfaces such as surgical tables, lighting, benches and trolleys.

The effective cleaning of Instruments and Equipment is the first key step in preventing the transmission of infection for reusable medical devices. Failure to remove organic soil will compromise any disinfection or sterilisation process.

CliniMax® uses the latest surfactant technology to emulsify and solubilise organic soils such as blood, protein and lipids (fats). CliniMax® also assists in preventing the re-deposition of organic soils in surfaces and equipment during the cleaning process.

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