Burgess Professional Electric Fogger

Burgess Professional Electric Fogger

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The B&G 2600 Flex-A-Lite Fogger is a fully adjustable fogging machine for all applications including dispensing odourisers, sanitisers and disinfectants.

The B&G 2600 fogger comes with an 45cm or 121cm extension hose allowing you to point and shoot the mist into tight areas including voids with ease. Simply fill through the large opening and fill the 6L solution tank with a lightweight liquid suitable for fogging machines.


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240V Burgess Thermal Fogger 982

We are proud to be the Australian distributor of Burgess pest control equipment!
Ideal for fogging insects, pests and mosquitoes
Exceptional quality, genuine USA Made!
Supplied with Australian plug
Use with pyrethrin / pyrethrum concentrates

Quickly fog large areas
Heats up in minutes and lasts for hours
Commercial grade, used by professional pest controllers
Unplug the heating coil and use as a chemical sprayer
Also used for sanitizing and elimination odours
Simple to use, maintain and service

Effective against (When used with pyrethrin):
Mosquitos (Mozzies), Midges, Flies, Sand flies
Aphids, Ants, Cabbage Moths and other Caterpillars
Earwigs, Leafhoppers, Thrips and White flies
Silver fish, moths, cockroaches, grain weevils, spiders, earwigs, beetles
Other flying insects


This fogger is very versatile, it can be used as a thermal type fogger, or by simply pulling the heating element off it can be used as a cold ULV fogger or mister.

Example use:

1) Element ON – use with diesel / pyrethrum mix
2) Element OFF – use with water / pyrethrum mix
– use with water + disinfectants, sanitizers, deodorisers

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