Bathroom/Kitchen (Mould and Mildew) 20L Cube

Bathroom/Kitchen (Mould and Mildew) 20L Cube

$173.25 inc GST

Bathroom/Kitchen Spray and wipe pH Neutral powerful formula for all surfaces including bench tops, tiles, sinks and glass and stainless steel. Attacks and prevents mould and mildew.100-percent-organic



Enzyme Wizard Bathroom/Kitchen (Mould and Mildew) Spray & Wipe

  • Is a concentrated formula specifically blended for mold and mildew remediation.
  • Safely and effectively cleans fungus, mould spores and mildew.
  • Has rapid penetrating action which breaks down and cleans accumulated debris.
  • Eliminates odours by destroying the source.
  • Multi Enzyme formula to give best results.
  • Contains no phosphates or caustic ingredients that will damage tiles and grouting.
  • Can also be used around toilets to break down urea and general staining before sanitizing.

Storage: Store at room temperatures.

Recommended Uses:

  • Restaurants
  • Commercial
  • Industrial


General Cleaning: Dilute 1 part Enzyme to 10 parts water (ratio 1:10).
Apply with refillable trigger spray.

Heavy Duty Cleaning: Dilute 1 part Enzyme to 5 parts water (ratio 1:5)
Apply with refillable trigger spray. Multiple applications may be necessary for old or heavy deposits.

For toilets, urinals and heavily built up soap & scum areas: apply undiluted formula to surface. Wait 5 minutes. Rinse free with fresh water.
Sanitise as necessary.

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