Truck Mount Steam Cleaning Equipment

Pressure Pro knows that Truck Mounted technology is always changing and making it easier for you to do your job. So how do you know what to choose?
We can help in the decision process if you need, with Pressure Pro’s knowledge in the industry we will help you make an informed choice on what truck mount best suits your budget and cleaning needs.  We understand that buying a truck mount is a large investment and choosing the correct machine for your companies needs now and for the future is an important choice.

Truck Mount Fitouts

Once you have a truck mount in mind Pressure Pro will custom fit your Truck Mount and Equipment to your vehicle, we provide full fitout options including storage systems, safe tie-down points for your equipment, auxiliary fuel tanks and more

Powerful Truck Mount Systems

Pressure Pro stocks only the best Australia and USA have to offer.
SV Equipment’s Boss 650 & 590 EFI Truckmounts and Legend Brands Sapphire Scientific Truckmounts

Steam Cleaning Truck Mounts