In unheated environments or when water has penetrated deep into a structure, drying using an adsorption dehumidifier is the ideal solution. Corroventa’s adsorption dehumidifiers are available in both analogue and digital models, but all models share certain features; they are powerful and robust, compact and user-friendly, and they have a long service life. Quite simply, they are built for professionals.

    The picture to the right shows the functioning principle for an adsorption dehumidifier. The process air is sucked in through the inlet with the help of a process air fan (1), the air passes through the rotor (4) whereupon the dehumidified air exists through a dry air outlet (2). The moisture that is absorbed in the rotor is driven out through a small part of the process air being heated up in a heater (5) whereupon it passes through a smaller part of the rotor which is regenerated in this way.  The damp air is then removed via the outlet to the environment (3).