Corroventa Water Damage Equipment

Water Damage & Flooding

Pressure Pro together with Corroventa possess the knowledge and the equipment for dehumidifying various building constructions so that every case of water damage can be dried out as quickly and efficiently as possible. The goal when Corroventa designs their dehumidifiers, turbines and auxiliary equipment is to dry water damage in a home as safely and silently so that the people in the house will not need to move out during the drying process. This is something that can be invaluable since prompt action must be taken when water damage occurs.

The Right Expertise

Flooding or water damage does not always need to result in a catastrophe. With the right expertise and the right handling of the water damage, it is possible to prevent a total catastrophe, which usually involves larges costs for time-consuming demolition and rebuilding work.

The ES Family

Controlled Remotely

ES is the most intelligent, flexible, compact and energy efficient product line that Corroventa has ever produced. At the same time, it is more powerful than any previous product series. ES stands for Energy Saving, and energy efficiency has been the aim throughout the entire product development. Not just when it comes to operation, but during all phases, even logistics and the interaction with the user.

Smart Control System

To optimise the drying effect, all machines in the ES family can cooperate with each other through a smart control system and network and via internal and external sensors. The machines can be used alone or connected to several turbines and/or dehumidifiers, which means that no job is too big or too small for the ES family. The machines also have a lot of integrated operating and control modes, for a needs-adapted drying process and minimum energy consumption.

All machines in the ES family are prepared so that they can be monitored and controlled remotely with SuperVision®, and together they create a unique and ground breaking system for dehumidifying and drying in the event of water damage.


Control the drying process with your computer, smartphone or tablet

The latest innovation from Corroventa, SuperVision®, is a new type of control system and a revolutionary innovation for the industry. With SuperVision® you can remote control, monitor and measure the drying process from your computer, phone, or tablet. This means that many more tasks can be handled simultaneously without the need to spend a lot of time on the site or in the car. In addition, the drying process is terminated at exactly the right time.